Heritage Medical Ltd - HPC for product innovation

Mr Lynn Heritage, Managing Director

Heritage Medical are working with HPC Wales and Bangor University to develop a product that will change the way compound fractures are treated, helping to speed up the healing process and increasing patient comfort and reducing the risk of cross infection.

“Becoming a medical products supplier to the NHS is a very competitive and expensive process, dominated by large companies with the extensive resources available to meet the constantly evolving industry standards. Innovation within the sector has proved difficult as a Welsh SME, not for lack of ideas but because of the limited resources available.

"My wife Yvonne and I set up Heritage Medical some 25 years ago. Over the years we have manufactured under license and supplied numerous medical products in the fields of foot, knee and hip surgery and carpal tunnel syndrome.

"I was recently introduced to Dr Anna Croft at Bangor University who was working on a very exciting concept of changing the characteristics of natural substances using supercomputing technology. At the meeting my mind was taken to medical applications for the research and, in particular, the way we treat compound fractures.

"Using supercomputing technology we will be able to develop an innovative new product virtually prior to production; this will allow us to test it against lots of variables to ensure it complies with industry standards and adds real value over existing products on the market. This development has only been made possible through the partnership with Bangor University and HPC Wales which has opened up an on-going opportunity for us to create additional innovative and unique products and subsequently compete with much larger medical suppliers.

"Our mission is to develop a range of products that will be used around the world and we intend to support the local economy by manufacturing our products in Wales using ‘ingredients’ that are locally sourced wherever possible.

"I would recommend that all Welsh SMEs looking to grow through innovative product development consider the opportunities available to partner with HPC Wales and researchers across Universities in Wales. For us, it has been a great alternative to spending substantial resources seeking inward investment and grant aid.”