HPC Wales joins forces with Fujitsu to launch Northern Ireland’s first supercomputing service


On the 16th October 2014 we were delighted to join Fujitsu, and Northern Ireland’s First Minister the Rt Hon Peter D. Robinson MLA and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA, to unveil the first HPC service in Northern Ireland at a launch event in Belfast.

This announcement marks the latest milestone in our long-standing partnership with Fujitsu –producer of some of the world’s fastest supercomputers.  

The collaboration began in 2012 with the development of the infrastructure and supporting services for HPC Wales’ supercomputing network.  We have since gone on to achieve over £3.5m of inward investment, supporting the training of over 2,000 individuals, the creation of over 100 new jobs, several new businesses and the pioneering of many new innovative products, processes and services. 

The launch of the Northern Ireland HPC service seeks to replicate the successes achieved in Wales across Northern Ireland.  

Fujitsu expects to invest approximately £1.1m in the HPC service and hopes to build a number of innovative collaborations, which will provide Northern Irish businesses and researchers access to world-class, secure and easy to use high performance computing technology - critical to solving advanced computational problems.

David Elcock, Finance Director at HPC Wales, said:

“It is a delight to work alongside one of the global leaders of HPC to support the development of businesses and researchers in Northern Ireland – providing them with access to the UK’s largest distributed general purpose supercomputing network.

“We are committed to delivering advanced supercomputing technology – and the training and support to harness it to its full potential - to researchers and businesses of all sizes throughout Wales, the UK and beyond. This announcement marks the latest significant landmark for the company.”

We are providing access to the HPC Wales supercomputing network and working with Fujitsu to deliver an HPC service, which has the capacity to handle and analyse massive amounts of data at high speed. Importantly, through the HPC service, tasks that can take months using normal computers can be delivered in days or even minutes, at a fraction of the cost organisations would otherwise incur. It can be used to model and solve highly complex problems across a range of high value sectors. In particular it can deliver faster and more efficient computer modelling, data analysis, rapid mathematical calculations, simulations, visualisation of complex data, software development and digital image rendering for the creative industries.

Speaking at the launch, the First Minister Peter Robinson said:

“I welcome that Fujitsu has chosen Northern Ireland to invest over £1million to deliver this innovative new service to enable our indigenous businesses to benefit from leading-edge computing technology.

“The key challenge set out in our economic strategy is to support the rebalancing and rebuilding of the Northern Ireland economy. Our small and medium sized enterprises are one of the biggest components of our economy and any initiative that can add a significant competitive advantage to local business is very much welcomed.”

Speaking about the Fujitsu High Performance Computing service, Newland McKelvey from Fujitsu said: 

“Fujitsu’s global vision is to deliver a Human Centric Intelligent Society and to harness the power of technology to achieve a better and more self-sustaining society. As part of that agenda we have long been at the leading edge of High Performance Computing development and application.

“Our strategic partnership with HPC Wales has made this launch possible and will be of integral value to researchers and businesses in Northern Ireland. We have worked alongside the team at HPC Wales for some time now, and the success of our partnership has certainly encouraged this collaboration.”