HPC Wales launches rendering solution


HPC Wales is proud to announce that phase one of their Creative Industry Rendering solution is now up and running: Mental Ray is available to all MAYA users.  

The use of High performance computing is proving to be increasingly invaluable to Creative businesses. As well as streamlining processing and production times, it has huge potential for reducing production costs and enabling businesses to take on larger and more ambitious projects.  

In recognition of this, HPC Wales has implemented a rendering solution to help Creative industries to not only access the technology, but get the support and training they need to utilise it effectively as well.  

Whether it’s speeding up rendering time, developing more innovative gaming technologies, or developing high-end 2D and 3D visualisations and animations, HPC could have huge advantages for your business.

Martin McCabe

“It is a fantastic boost to Wales to have this render facility. Previously we’ve had to use render farms across the border and, due to the high cost, have recently been using a facility in South Korea. HPC Wales have provided us with supercomputing power at lightning speed and low cost, with excellent technical support throughout.” Martin McCabe, Managing Director, Atticus Digital Ltd.

Tests on HPC Wales’ rendering solution have demonstrated that the time to render an average complexity animation can be reduced from 4 weeks to 4 hours. This can drastically reduce the turnaround time to clients, and increase the complexity, size and number of projects that creative companies can handle.

HPC Wales’ rendering solution can also be used to simulate the behaviour of products pre-production, render buildings to print quality and reduce the size of files or alter their format using video transcoding.

Phase 2 of our solution, Mental Ray for 3DStudio Max clients, is now well underway.

If you would like to talk to us about the accessing the rendering solution and to find out about our special offer for businesses in West Wales in the Valleys, please contact Kate Mills on kate.mills@hpcwales.co.uk