HPC Wales hosts first Summer School

Charlie Godfrey, Skills Academy Manager

HPC Wales has hosted its first Summer School aimed at enhancing supercomputing skills for business professionals and academics. Attendees came from across the country to take part in the Parallel Programming summer school, which took place between 1st-5th July in Pontypridd.

Attendees were able to gain awareness of high performance computing (HPC) and find out how it is being used within industry and academia, build an understanding of ‘command line’ language, learn how to run HPC jobs and compile a range of application codes using OpenMP (a standard for writing parallel codes using threading) and MPI (another standard for parallel programming using message passing).

Following the success of the Summer School, HPC Wales will be hosting a second one in Bangor during the first week of September. Further details are available at:  We are also in the process of scheduling further courses and our teaching programme for the next academic year, as well as developing our online courses.

HPC Wales has been extremely pleased to see an increase in the number of students and professionals interested in building their supercomputing skills to help develop further research or benefit their business. Over 600 people have now been trained, many of whom are now using HPC Wales’ services.

We are now offering a range of bursaries to support eligible business professionals and students in developing their supercomputing skills. To find out more about our bursaries please see: http://www.hpcwales.co.uk/bursaries