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Imagine what you could do, if you had access to large computing processing power, a library of market leading software, and the support to help you get the most from it.

Well now it’s all available from High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales. We’re the nation’s supercomputing service provider. Our job is to help accelerate innovation and fuel growth for businesses in Wales, by providing access to world−class supercomputing technology, training and support. Our services are fully funded up to the value of €200,000*.

High Performance Computing or ‘Supercomputing’ is a form of technology that many small to medium business owners consider out of reach, but access to it doesn’t have to be limited to large companies with big spending power. Although traditionally the preserve of blue chip companies and academia, high performance computing can benefit businesses of any size.

The advanced technology can power breakthroughs in product, process or service development, strengthening a business’ position in the market and boosting competitiveness. In an increasingly pressured global market, supercomputing can help small businesses make the forward strides that can make a lasting difference.

At HPC Wales, we’ve helped our customers harness the power of supercomputing so they can cut time to market, grow faster and transform profitability.

Now, we’re running a series of one-day industry events in May to help businesses in Wales understand how supercomputing could energise their work.                                  

What exactly is supercomputing?

If you have ever shopped in Asda, watched a TV weather forecast or enjoyed the latest Dreamworks studio animation at the cinema, then you have unknowingly enjoyed the power of supercomputing technology.

Compared to the types of computers most of us are used to, supercomputers are beyond anything you can imagine in terms of processing power and capacity, capable of performing complex and high-volume calculations at top speeds.

Asda parent company WalMart uses supercomputers for inventory and distribution modelling, to ensure their millions of items of stock are in the right store at the right time, while the wonder of this technology brought much-loved characters such as Shrek to the big screen.

How Can Supercomputing boost research and development in small to medium businesses?

Supercomputers have many applications that are invaluable to business, including advanced modelling and simulation, performing complex calculations and rendering high-definition 3D graphics.

Advanced modelling and simulation allows companies to innovate and improve existing products and services, giving them a competitive edge through more efficient product design, increased data analysis or improved manufacturing processes.

It means that new designs can be analysed and evaluated without physical models, and any design refinements required can easily be tested. Tests can be repeated with different parameters until the desired result or outcome is achieved.

The obvious benefit is that this considerably reduces the time, labour and cost involved in bringing products to market, while improving research and development capabilities.

Supercomputing has a valuable role to play in boosting the competitive capability of SMEs in a wide range of sectors.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales provides access to world-class supercomputing technology, along with the training and support to help businesses accelerate innovation and fuel growth, which means you don’t need to know anything about supercomputing to enjoy its benefits.

What’s more, HPC Wales is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, so its services are fully funded for businesses in ‘Convergence’ Wales (West Wales and the Valleys).

Supercharge 2013

Discover how supercomputing could energise your business at one of our unique one-day events. Take the first step towards accelerated business growth by registering your interest for one of these exclusive events today:

Creative industries – 14th May, Liberty Stadium, Swansea:

Manufacturing and Engineering – 15th May, Liberty Stadium, Swansea:

Manufacturing and Engineering – 16th May, Liberty Stadium, Swansea:

Travel expenses paid.

*subject to you being within the European Commission de minimis business allowance