Could Supercomputing benefit you?


Computing was once used by only the largest companies; today it is used by everyone in business. Now high performance computing (or ‘supercomputing’) is moving the same way.

Many smaller businesses around the world benefit from the performance, speed and capability that high performance computing can provide.  

You can take the first step in finding out how you could benefit from High Performance Computing by arranging to meet with one of our Training and Outreach Mentors.  

A  HPC Wales Business Diagnostic is a confidential, no obligation service to help your business identify whether the supercomputing could be used by your business to help address key challenges.  

Ian Mullins

Ian Mullins CEO of Yamgo TV, took up the offer of a Business Diagnostic to find out if HPC could be of benefit to his company. He says "HPC Wales has a great team of technology experts. Providing us access to one of the most powerful super computers in Europe we're able to test new encoding and processing solution to deliver TV to any screen and test pioneering technology solutions for the TV sector."

A HPC Wales Business Diagnostic costs nothing but a few hours of your time.

Why not make an appointment with one of our team today to find out if we could help you?  Please contact to make your appointment.