Transcript: Making the impossible, possible – Dr Tatiana Tatarinova

Transcript: Making the impossible, possible – Dr Tatiana Tatarinova

Dr Tatarinova: “Computational biology is an attempt to rigorously and mathematically describe processes inside the cell.  It has the potential to become the most important science of the century. 

“My name is Tatiana Tatarinova – I am the Head of Computational Biology Group at the University of Glamorgan. 

“One of the saddest moments of my life was when my mother was diagnosed with cancer.  She had the surgery and then developed secondary cancer and subsequently died five years later.  One of the problems with cancer is that drugs are not made specific for individual patients.  Medicine should take into account a person’s genotype, not just age and/or gender, and computational biology has the potential and has all the tools in order to develop drugs specific to an individual person’s needs. 

“I will try to dedicate my life to prevent tragedies happening in other families.  Although I couldn’t save my mother, maybe I could save other people.” 

(Text: High Performance Computing is revolutionising biology)

Dr Tatarinova: “This revolution in computers, we can generate enormous volumes of data and diversity of data quite cheaply. At the same time new laboratory techniques are coming out almost every month.  Putting these two together gives us something totally unprecedented.  High performance computing has the potential to affect all aspects of life and all scientific disciplines.”

Jo Preece: “HPC Wales is supporting change and economic growth through bringing together academic researchers and businesses.”

James Osborne: “We’re funded by the Welsh Government and a number of other sources to deliver high performance computing services to a range of end user, specifically within Wales and specifically within the Convergence zone.”

Dr Tatarinova: “HPC Wales, in addition to providing us with high performance computing, also provide us with training.  They work with us in order to optimise our codes and they give us individual attention to our projects.”

James Osborne: “We’re working to not only get High Performance Computing into the mindset of scientists, researchers, businesses, academics - we’re also working to up-skill the Welsh economy and in essence make high performance computing more of a day to day industry rather than specialist.”

Jo Preece: “It’s a really exciting time to be working with supercomputers because HPC has the potential to accelerate research and development across a wide range of industries.”

Dr Tatarinova: “High performance computing is the only way forward.  It turns a problem from impossible to possible, from unfeasible to feasible.  My work would be impossible without HPC Wales and Fujitsu.”


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