Transcript: Overview of supercomputing

Transcript: Overview of supercomputing

Is computer processing time holding back your work? Do you experience problems with timescales and capacity?

Imagine if you could access the power of thousands of computers, along with the support of trained specialists, through your own laptop or desktop system.

Well now it’s becoming easier and more affordable for businesses of any size to access this power and support than ever before… what could this mean for you?

High performance computing, or ‘supercomputing’, could make your manufacturing process more efficient and reliable, enabling consumers to benefit from high quality, lower cost products.

High performance computing enables the high-end rendering that goes into the 3D animations and games enjoyed by millions across the world. It can enable you to take on larger and more ambitious projects.

It can support safe, sustainable engineering projects and reduce development times.

The use of computational fluid dynamics accelerates processing, modelling and simulation for all kinds of industries, for example, those working on energy and environment projects.

High performance computing can lead to more precise forecasts and help you achieve more accurate long-term predictions.

For those in ICT it can streamline your data handling and analysis processes… and improve operational efficiency.

Ultimately, it can reduce your time to market, making you more competitive, which could lead to increased profits and benefits that you can pass on to your customers.

This supercomputing power can exceed expectations at incredible speed and produce results you simply could not achieve on a standard desktop computer.

It enables ground-breaking research and simulations, which may not necessarily be possible otherwise, to improve everyone’s well-being. It can even be a life saver.

High performance computing is more accessible and affordable than ever… What could it do for you?


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