• Supersonic Cymru Awards Event - 21st May 2015
    Highlights from the Supersonic Cymru Awards - Supersonic Cymru is an innovative challenge for key stage 3 pupils to break the World Land Speed Record using high performance computing.
  • Merry Christmas - Nadolig Llawen!
    Copyright High Performance Computing Wales 2014
  • Supercharging Pembrokeshire - New Site Launch
  • Combating Bacterial Toxicity: Transforming Society Using Supercomputing.
  • HPC Wales Swansea Hub Launch 2013
    Highlights from the launch event for HPC Wales' Swansea hub - opened by the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport Edwina Hart AM
  • HPC Wales Technical service
    Find out more about HPC Wales' Technical service in this short video featuring our Bangor based Site Systems Engineer Ade Fewings
  • HPC Wales Training and Outreach service
    Find out more about HPC Wales' Training and Outreach service in this short video featuring our Bangor based Training and Outreach Mentor Laura Redfern
  • Xodus Group - using supercomputing to explore the impact of tidal energy devices on the environment
    See how Xodus Group and Bangor University are using high performance computing and HPC Wales to determine the environmental impact of tidal energy devices.
  • Zeeko Ltd: using supercomputers to precision engineer mirror segments
    See how St Asaph-based Zeeko Ltd is benefitting from the use of high performance computing technology
  • An introduction to HPC Wales
    HPC Wales provides access to a pan-Wales distributed network of supercomputers and support staff. You don’t need to be an expert in computing or know anything about supercomputing; our team is there to walk you through the whole process, making it easier for businesses and researchers to access supercomputing than ever before.
  • Knowtra: using access to HPC Wales to expand and improve its business.
    Find out how small environmental-science consultancy firm Knowtra is using high performance computing through HPC Wales to help expand and improve its business through better simulation.
  • Calon CardioTechnology: using supercomputers to produce a novel heart pump for treatment of heart failure
    Find out how Calon Cardio-Technology are using HPC Wales to carry out supercomputing simulations in the development of a novel heart assist pump for the treatment of people with advanced heart failure.
  • How supercomputing is helping Bloodhound - the world's first 1,000 mph car
    Find out how the Bloodhound project is using supercomputing power from HPC Wales to simulate the behaviour of the car at unprecedented high speeds. Featuring Dr Ben Evans, Bloodhound SSC’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Engineer.
  • What could supercomputing do for you? - An animation from HPC Wales
    Have you ever wondered what high performance computing or 'supercomputing' is and if it might be relevant to you? This short animation can help you to understand the many applications supercomputing has for businesses across a vast range of industries, regardless of their size - Animation Copyright High Performance Computing (HPC) Wales Ltd.
  • Celebrating the UK's first national distributed supercomputing network
    Highlights from HPC Wales' Celebration event held at the Senedd, Cardiff Bay, on Tuesday 29th May 2012
  • Making the impossible, possible - supercomputing for computational biology
    Dr Tatiana Tatarinova, University of Glamorgan, on the importance of high performance computing and HPC Wales' services to her research
  • How HPC Wales will power economic change in Wales
  • Announcement of contract event - HPC Wales, March 2011