David Craddock

Interest in high performance computing (HPC) or supercomputing services is growing rapidly across the UK and Europe. To date, it has mainly been the reserve of academics and larger businesses, but at HPC Wales we are finding a growing number of smaller businesses, especially those in the engineering, life science, environment and creative industry sectors who can benefit from the speed and increased computing capacity that supercomputing provides.

What sets HPC Wales apart from other funded HPC centres is the emphasis we put on educating novice users of high performance computing, especially in the business community and SMEs in particular. HPC Wales has a diverse customer base across a wide variety of research and innovation areas and sectors in both academia and businesses. To date we have established 52 collaborative projects between businesses and academics, all aimed at making businesses more competitive in their respective markets and helping them to grow.

HPC Wales is pleased to be at the forefront of this expanding field. We have recently established a collaborative project working with EPCC Edinburgh, Jisc and the Hartree Centre to evaluate the needs of businesses across the UK. This will generate proposals for central government that will inform the development of ‘on ramp’ centres which simply put will be aimed at improving HPC services to businesses across a number of sectors. HPC Wales is proud to be a leader in this field and pleased to be collaborating with other centres across the UK at this important time.

David Craddock, CEO


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